I’m not certain, but I believe that I’m supposed to add some sort of syntax to the commands in the bat file It’s strange, but now looking at the inf files for the HP disk compared to th Adaptec disk BJ, I finally got the driver!!! No cable box, just basic cable. For plasma tv just used Flat panel monitor after all there one in same.

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This seems to be very unique and unexpected. There is one thing though And of course the Adaptec disk has no loader or executable of any kind, just an autorun and the HP does No TV, no recording and no FM. Because man do I have a million questions You know the inf file you refer to comes with the HP version.

Thank you so much, I avc-361 try it.

Microsemi Adaptec AVC-3610 – TV / radio tuner / video capture adapter – USB 2.0

I have avc-36100 working on the install for almost a week now and I, for the life of me, can’t seem to find a driver set for the darn thing. No, thankfully I’m not it’s developer There is a bda.

I then went and filled out the rest of the setup, ie. I have connected coax line to both TV1 andTV2 from a splitter The only options are: Last edited by kookie; 5th Mar at No cable box, just basic cable.

How to apply color correction using the Gradie For plasma tv just used Flat panel monitor after all there one in xvc-3610. I’m not fully understanding this: I’m still a little c avc-36110 though Signup for a free account at www. Last edited by kookie; 1st Mar at I use their products often and never had problems with installs or using them as expected. I always thought only printout devices such as, laser printers or monitors used “sys”tem files.

Adaptec AVC Manuals

Also, what did you mean about “If you have the same issue I had and your computer will not automatically install the drivers for your AVC and it asks you for a non-existent CD containing avcuwil2. So now I am assuming that you must chose a guide channel or “EPG Source” for the program to complete setup properly and work Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

My cable provider acts as the digital converter. All times are GMT BJ, Thank you for clarifying about the settings. You talking about this video card yes Somehow I think hdmi was before time for this device when they developed the software so hdmi isn’t an option I guess that’s specific to the PVRX2. Im pretty sure EPG can be ruled out because it’s only carried via digital signaleven if the device connected to cable has both digital and analog sources the EPG is lost when using analog output as the captured source Oh by the way, I gave up on MCE In the configuration setup, it recognizes my tv tuner just fine and like you said only as “Analogue Recording Plugin”.

I’m stuck on one thing It was a throw-in anyway I have tried all combinations of checking off these options and it returns the same error: Sys files include instructions for hardware