Configuring Surveillance mode 2. Product quality can be guaranteed. Posted February 14, The sound data through a microphone will be recorded with the video data together. Click boxes to jump into. However, if you set this function on many cameras recording rate might decrease.

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We can’t risk 5.

Kodicom DigiNet problems PLEASE HELP – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Posted April 20, Turn off the system before installation. A Windows 7 Release is coming up with some added features. DigiNet is a registered trademark of Kodicom Digital Recorder.

Sat Apr 01, 1: Here’s kodicoms support page – you could try contacting them. Mon Oct 24, 8: Click this button to switch to [Surveillance mode] [search mode] 1 2 1 2.

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In that case please follow this step. Click boxes to jump into.

Posted February 10, Calendar is now always visible in the top right corner. The procedure for Time backup is the same, except that the backup will appear in the root directory of whatever drive is selected, in a folder named KDB.

Anyone know offhand other ‘tasks’ that can be started from the ‘New Task’ window? By the way, what type of system do you use? Backup onto Floppy Disk This is used when you backup image one by one. Password is not set in the initial status. I know it works with windows XP but I really need to use windows vista or koficom 7 for 4tb hdd support.

digjnet Product quality can be guaranteed. It’s not worth the risk. Any drive connected to the DigiNet system can be used as the source for the back up. Connecting external Sensor14 7. Im about to try that tomorrow! You seem to know a lot about the product.

Every Sensor signal happened at time in use makes related camera record and controller work. If we can’t wwindows your crash, we can’t fix it. I have this exact same problem. This is an installation guide for DigiNet user. We have lost the installation CD containing the driver and Diginet Site software, does anyone know where we can get a replacement?

Select your settings for audio play back. I’m glad to hear theirs a 5.

Kodicom DigiNet-User Guide for DVR Operator DigiNet-1816, 3416, 34216 4416, 44216 DigiNet.

Basically printed image size depends on the zoomed out size on the screen. We have 10 software guys that work hard at what they do. Published by Gregory Scott Modified over 2 years ago.