Driver007 Mobile Phones LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH10LS30 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7


It should be noted here that this option has a limitation of being changed up to 5 times but once it hits the fifth time the drive will be permanently set to that region and can not be changed anymore for the rest of the drives lifetime!!! Thats why we hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 to cancel the ADSL line!! It had been two days of fiddling and the damn drive would not come back to me. ISO, Joliet I This, of course, is irregardless of the disc access light blinking its friendly green accessing-goodness-message and coming to a stop as if everything was peachy upon first closing the disc tray. NCIX provides a 30 day limited warranty on this product.

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Please read our privacy policy for details. Lightscribe printing is warped! Summary Works with everything I’ve thrown at it with no issues.

Lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 can’t write anything without formatting. Applies to Windows 10 as well. Gigondas Created on August 16, I’ve seen it introduce lots of new issues though. When i put video in either blu ray or dvd they play fine no problem, dvds lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 cds also burn fine, if i put any blank blu rays in the drive windows says the disk is write protected and none of my burning software seems to see the media either saying wrong type of mediaive tried updating the firmware as this drive was working on vista but now im using win7 microsoft say the drive is compatible, ive also lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 diffrent brands of media verbatim and maxell but still no joy.

Also you are using a re-writable BD disc. Maybe your real problem is that you are using only single layer BD discs, re-writable or not, and nothing is being written because it’s too big to fit on a single layer disc.

HL-DT-ST BH10LS30 Firmware Download

Win 10 then detected it. The fastest way to reach our customer care team.

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Posted on Jan 11, If you have any questions regarding our sales and warranty policies, please send us a message — we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

If your product is diagnosed as defective, we will replace it with a brand new one! Once that came up as expectedI ejected the disc tray, walked to my Grand Lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 sewing room, got a good ol sewing pin no doubt created lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 the concept of home computers were even fathomable closed the disc tray once again, ran lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 DIR command again, but this time, while the disc was trying to be accessed, I pushed the pin into the little emergency tray release hole, forcing the tray to eject just enough to grab onto with my fingernails.

Talk to a Technician Now! Summary I ordered this drive, then swapped it out for another that was on sale at the time. I hope it helps. I have freestanding Nh10ls30 8 dishwasher.

No refunds will be issued for blank media, digital camera and accessoriesopened software, printers, printer supplies, paper, projectors and accessoriesappliances, handhelds, PDAs, notebook computers, special order computers and special order items. This burner is old and it may lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30 be defective by now.

LG Blu-Ray Writer, BH10LS30.AUAR, SATA, Retail

Ask Talk to Expert. Anyhow, don’t do it if no problems.

If I dual boot back to 7 it works again, so the issue seems to be that win10 can not see it for some reason. Authentically pressed data disc that you do not care if it gets damaged like an old outdated driver disc, AOL access disc, lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30.

LG Internal Blu-ray Disc Rewriter Bh10ls30 SATA Lightscribe

Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers. Pg rarely seen new firmware fix issues. Posted on Sep br-re, I Downloaded the new updates from the Lg. This device worked fine in Windows 10 prior to the “Fall Update or November update for the rest of the world. Posted on Jul 06, Sadly, unlike my pop, I know next to nothing about electronics, so my last hope was that it was a mechanical problem. Summary Quality lg hl-dt-st bd-re bh10ls30, does everything I throw at it without any issue.