The only quirk with webcam imaging is that it requires a lot of patience and a good deal of experimenting both with hardware and software. Thanks also for mentioning the thread on how to mod the camera- I’ll definitely check it out. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. But here are some general instructions. No clear nighs here either

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Your maximum exposure times will be limited by the tracking of your mount, light pollution, and the amount of noise your webcam produces.

From there you will also find hpilips to mods for many different webcams. IR blocking filters are useful for deep sky imaging too, so you won’t get “bloated” stars when capturing images with a refractor or photo lens.

Dont know if you seen the promising results from the xbox vision,but v cheap, easy to do.

If you own a laptop you’ll be definitely better off than I goucam, and I must say I really enjoy taking images with my ToUcam Pro even if my observing site is not that good. It is easy to see why: Sunspotmm achromat, 2x barlow, 28 frames. Good news is, you will oro able to capture good images of bright targets Messiers, bright NGCs even in light polluted skies, as you will se from the examples below.

Imaging with a webcam is great fun!

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Deep sky imaging takes obviously more time — you have pbilips focus on dim stars and find your target that can sometimes be overlooked if the exposure is set too low. Check out the link for details. You mentioned in your post that you’d recently acquired a SPCnc; was it hard to come by, as I thought these were no longer in production? If your webcam is modified for long exposures, a different program is a must because it’s the only way to take long exposures. My own camera was modified by a friend from my astronomy club.

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By HerrmanJuly 9, in Discussions – Cameras. Posted July 20, In theory it should help control the noise a little. Cheap and easy, you should definitely try it. Of course, you should first start with small stacks and build up from there. The heart of the system touacm a Sony CCD chip, with 5.

If you think the modification is too complicated for you, don’t despair. Although the pixel size may seem small for deep sky imaging, the CCD is pretty sensitive.

The CCD should be carefully centered or you’ll have trouble finding objects on your monitor after you center it in your eyepiece.

Yahoogroup where the “webcam revolution” started in the first place. The higher the FPS setting, the more compression is used by webcams firmware on single frames which results in poorer quality images. Community Forum Software by IP. You can try and build a peltier cooled version for even longer exposures before noise starts to become a problem.

You could allways try them digital camera you can get some them cheap they have ccd imaging sensors in some of them. Once the target is found, I must say it’s a real pleasure to see your faint fuzzy appear on the screen!

This can sometimes be tricky, as all webcams are not flat or perfectly round on their fronts as the ToUCam Pro isn’t.

Philips ToUcam Pro (and similar webcams) – CCD and Webcams – Articles – Articles – Cloudy Nights

In practice, I have no idea as I have not had a clear sky since. The best solution would be to find a new housing or purchase a dedicated 1. Clavius, C8, 2x barlow, 81 frames by Vid Nikolic. You must have some knowledge in electronics to make the modification for your webcam to take long exposures. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. This is all you will need to do in order to take images of solar system objects and bright stars.