Yes, the seeing may be bad, but if you are patient and carefully focus your target, here and there you can find some frames that will be much sharper than others. By Herrman , July 9, in Discussions – Cameras. I can dig out a link if you are interested. Check our forum for answers to questions from consumers who might have had same questions as you, share your experience and discuss with others. This can, in effect, beat the seeing! Computer generated images, real images, drawings and texts are property of the author and may not be reproduced or philipps without permission of author.

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Secondly, low magnification which doesn’t spread the light of the object as much. Thanks for the link to the camera mod page, the instructions are youcam well presented and easy to follow- I may well have a go at this! Philips ToUcam Pro I’ve only had experience with a Philips ToUcam Pro web camera but there are other similar models out there and you will easily find details about specific ones elsewhere on the internet, such as some older Philips Vesta models, QC and others.

Computer generated images, real images, drawings and ohilips are philips toucam pro 740k of the author and may not be reproduced philips toucam pro 740k used without permission of author. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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I’m not sure entirely but after some crazy bids on ebay i’m hoping 50 quid for flashed was an philips toucam pro 740k price? Fourthly, the eyepiece can still be used as a 40mm. Introduction In recent years, webcam imaging has become increasingly popular among amateur astronomers. The ToUcam PRO II incorporates the latest digital imaging technology to ensure you get the very best quality, astronomical images as well as superb realistic on-line video-chatting.

Check our forum for answers to questions from consumers touam might have had same questions as you, share your experience and discuss with others.

Detail of stack of 80 x 1. Sunspotmm achromat, 2x barlow, 28 frames. This philips toucam pro 740k the total cable length to 7.

I would have refrained from posting Necrobut I had the very same problem today. Many thanks for your vote for the xbox, I think one will be winging it’s way to me courtesy of Messrs Amazon before the hour is out! Your maximum philipss philips toucam pro 740k will be limited by the tracking of your mount, light pollution, and the amount of noise your webcam produces.

pjilips Magnification is derived by dividing 40mm into your telescope’s focal length in mm. If you have plenty of aperture then a modded Lifecam Cinema or Studio might do the job better.

Philips ToUcam Pro (and similar webcams)

I’ve roucam my password. If philips toucam pro 740k ok for planetary work, then I’m sure it would be ok for my intended use, and I can always give the training part of the package to the wife! Webcams’ main purpose is visual communication over the Internet. There are a few variations on how the mod is philips toucam pro 740k, and I bought a 1. A star’s image does not change across the whole field of view.

telescope ToUcam Philips webcam modified toucam astronomy k SPCNC vmail video conferencing

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Drivers Windows 98 – Download Readme File. CCD’s are much more sensitive to light and can be modified to take long exposures for deep sky imaging, unlike 74k0 cheaper CMOS cameras. IR blocking filters are philips toucam pro 740k for deep sky imaging too, so you won’t get “bloated” stars when capturing images with a refractor or photo lens.

Please read the Privacy Philips toucam pro k for more information. By stacking frames one on top of another, you are increasing the signal to noise ratio SNR.


lhilips If you just want to get started then you could do worse than the Xbox Live camera. If this is the right item, then it could be just the job: The heart of the system is a Sony CCD chip, with 5. Clavius, C8, 2x barlow, 81 frames by Vid Nikolic. Frames were registered and stacked in Registax with some additional processing in Photoshop. Toucm 4 Element Plossls are well made. Sign in with Philips toucam pro 740k.